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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a flexible platform and an equally flexible pricing model. We’d love to build a pricing model that suits your business needs. Do contact us at contact@hxcentral.com for a custom pricing package.

What are the different modules available for purchase?

We have six solutions and over 12 modules that you can buy. Click here is the complete list. 

Who are Analysts and Approvers? What is their role?

The “Analyst” license can be used by the roles, such as Quality Team, Customer Experience Team, Leads, and Managers for Maintenance, Stores Team, HODs who own Incident Investigations. 

Approvers are Supervisors, HODs and Committee Members who need to review and approve records.

What are the options available to upgrade a plan from Standard to Advanced or Advanced to Enterprise?

You can choose to upgrade the plan anytime within the active subscription period, by paying the incremental price for the remaining period. The upgrade will attract a one-time additional onboarding charge based on the scope.

What are the options available to downgrade a plan form Advanced to Standard or Enterprise to Advanced?

You can choose to downgrade only along with the subscription renewal.

Do I need to procure license separately for each module?

No. Our flexible pricing model allows you to add more modules to the existing license bundle which you have taken. Please write to us directly at contact@hxcentral.com to get the custom pricing options.

What are the key guidelines to choose a specific plan - Standard, Advanced and Enterprise?

The Standard option includes all critical features, but with limited external integrations. This plan would be ideal for small and medium-sized hospitals who are not looking for integration with their HIS, ERP etc. 

The Advanced plan is created for hospitals who have already implemented Enterprise IT, HMS and Financial systems, with the capability to integrate with other systems. This allows the hospitals to exchange required data between systems seamlessly.

The Enterprise plan is for the hospitals who would like to leverage our Open API and Automation framework to create a seamlessly connected environment to the best use of data, intelligence, and automation. E.g., Integration with RTLS systems, intelligent audit trigger based on HMS data, integration with website for feedback capture and investigation trigger etc.

Some of the module specific features also may vary for each plans based on the typical usage scenario and the above mentioned capabilities. Please refer the module specific feature details for more information.

Can I opt for more licenses with in the same plan or do it require an upgrade of the plan?

Yes. Our pricing option allows you to add more licenses for the selected plan.

The software has the flexibility to tailor make as per our requirements and this has made our Operations very easy. This also has a powerful MIS which clearly shows the strength and success of this software.

– Pradeep S

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