Infection Control Management

An end-to-end system for infection control management that is integrated with the incident management and the quality compliance.

Control and manage infections through regular audits and checks

HxCentral enables you to conduct infection control audits to assess, evaluate and improve the patient care and patient safety. The pre-built configurable templates are aligned with the standards, such as NABH, JCI, and HAAD-JAWDA. Every infection is unique. Hence our dynamic forms enable capture of relevant and accurate information.

Intelligent audit triggers to ensure right samples and proactive infection control management

HxCentral looks at the relevant data feed from several internal processes and external systems, such as HMS. This helps you to intelligently plan audits with right samples and time schedule to prevent HAI.

Train your hospital staff to reinforce the learning

HxCentral enables management of staff training at your fingertips . You can classify the training type into onboarding, periodical, ad-hoc etc. and map it not only to the staff roles but also to the locations. Automatically create the training register with targets and accountability and drive completion of trainings through automated alerts and notifications.

Real-time insights to prevent infections

HxCentral comes with pre-built reporting templates and the ability to personalize the reports based on your strategic interest. The visually informative digital dashboards ensure that you get real-time insights and also the trend information to prevent any such occurences.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for  Infection Control Management

The most feature-rich healthcare infection control management product ever.


Faster and accurate infection data capture

The pre-built templates and the dynamic forms ensure that the infection control data is captured accurately


Templates aligned with NABH and JCI

Prebuilt and configurable templates are aligned to standards, such as NABH and JCI.


Automated compliance score calculation

Calculate the compliance scores automatically at various levels – section, audit, and process


Auto-schedule infection control audits

This automated process ensures minimal manual intervention and prevents lag in the audit process by regulating it timely.


Multi-channel alerts and notifications

Email, SMS and mobile notifications are enabled. Automated incident summaries are generated in PDFs.


Automated reminders and escalations

Drive each action to closure with automated reminders and escalations


Dynamic forms for HAI investigation

Get in-depth analysis of the case to improve clinical and service quality


Integrated to incident management process

Automated triggers are created and integrated with the incident management process for a holistic view and closure


Tag incidents consistently

Tag incident to patient MRN number to provide a further reference and alerts on duplicate or repeat incidents


Personalized and visual dashboards

Configure and control the dashboards access as per the role. The visually feature-rich dashboards are available for various time frames. Online, offline and scheduled reports capabilities enable hospitals to access data and analyze according to demands of business.

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