Healthcare Quality Compliance

NABH, JCI and other healthcare standards demand strict adherence. HxCentral quality compliance solution makes it simple to manage and yet be fully compliant with standards.

Stay on top of all the KPIs and be compliant with NABH, JCI, HAAD-JAWDA and other standards

Define the KPIs within the system and achieve your goals with ease. The solution comes with a pre-built definition for all 104 KPIs, ready for your use. You can achieve major tasks, such as KPI owner assignment, defining and maping KPI data with internal and external data, automated KPI calculation and detailed KPI tracking and reports.

Track licenses and manage renewals on time

Track the lifecycle of every license/entitlement and send automated triggers to respective departments/personnel  ensuring 100% transparency and compliance

Track and drive all the scheduled tasks online across the organization

The automated trigger for all scheduled processes across the organization and visualize the progress the SOP dashboard and drive compliance

Conduct your internal audits in an effortless yet detailed manner

Perform audits faster with the ease of multi-channels – mobile/tab/kiosk/web. You can build audit templates of your choice, automate compliance score calculation, auto-schedule the audits, trigger audits from internal and external systems and get automated alerts for lower compliance scores.

Track and manage clinical privileges and ensure right patient care

Track and enable systematic review of the privileges of every consultant and know who is entitled for what, which ensures right patient care delivery

Real-time insights to help you track the KPIs to closure

Capture actions and assign the right owner to ensure accurate and quick closure of the action. You can drive each action to closure with automated reminders and escalations as the system allows you to set target dates for each open item.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for  Healthcare Quality Compliance

The most feature-rich healthcare quality compliance management product ever.


Define, classify and schedule KPIs

Define, classify and schedule the KPIs within the system and achieve the goals with ease by constantly tracking them


Prebuilt definition for 104 NABH KPIs

Start with a pre-built and ready-to-use definitions which need to monitor regularly.


Assign ownership for each KPIs

Assign KPIs to an appropriate team or an individual through the system. This improves the sense of ownership and closure.


Automated KPI calculation

Calculate the KPI scores by automatically fetching data from HxCentral. Avoid manual data entry and reduce human error


Real-time KPI reports and dashboards

Generate instant KPI reports from the system to know the real-time status of each KPI and also the trend data.


Multi-channel KPI recording

Record audits quick and easy through Mobile / Tab / Kiosk / Web


Automated compliance score calculation

Calculate the compliance scores automatically at various levels – section, audit, and process


Auto schedule and assignment of audits

This automated process ensures minimal manual intervention and prevents lag in the audit process by regulating it timely.


Attach supporting documents

For a comprehensive analysis you can attach supporting documents like reports, pictures and videos.


Notifications for lower compliance scores

Don’t let any incompliance go unnoticed. Ensure high-quality standards and superior patient experience


Set target date to close

Set the target date of completion and ensure that your operations and processes are efficient and on-time every time.


Automated reminders and escalations

Drive each action to closure with automated reminders and escalations

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