Healthcare Asset Management

Request to retirement – manage the entire lifecycle of healthcare asset management through a single and an automated system

Single point of truth for every bio-medical capital asset

Manage your hospital’s capital assets at a click of a button and smoothen your operations. The ready-to-use templates help you to classify assets according to their usability, location of assignment and any other criteria that you choose to track. Tag and track various codes, such UNSPC, and ECRI – generate, print and read barcode and QR code – track asset ownership (rental, vendor, owned) – full procurement information – complete asset data history – asset-wise cost tagging.

Ensure asset data integrity through an end-to-end request to retire process digitization and automation.

Ensure real-time and automatic updating of your bio-medical assets. Every process which impacts asset information, like request, movement, return, disposal etc. are completely digitized and automated.

Get the best out of your healthcare assets. Ensure predictive break-fix services along with comprehensive spare part management

Every request for support is tagged against the respective asset and auto-assigned to the respective technician. It drives SLA and ensure timely resolution along with request, validation, delivery and return of spare parts required to solve the issue. Automated PM / Calibration schedulers help team to plan proactively and ensure no slippage on schedule.

Seamlessly connected to your applications, infrastructure and devices

HxCentral ensures seamless integration with other products and products/technologies like ERPs, HMS, HRMS, RFID, RTLS, and IoT.

Track warranty, contracts and other entitlements and manage it online

Track the life cycle of every contracts, licenses and other entitlements and automated triggers for renewal process. Tagging of contracts to assets would provide clear insights on the delivery and financial performance and enable right decisions.

Get in-depth insights into healthcare assets with just a few clicks

HxCentral gives you real-time insights to ensure that the asset utilization is high and the costs, lower. You can generate custom reports, such as inventory performance, asset utilization, MTTR analysis, MTBF analysis, depreciation report and spare inventory performance. You can personalize and schedule your reports at a frequency and a channel of your choice.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for  Healthcare Asset Management

The most feature-rich healthcare asset management product ever.


Master information for all type of assets

Get as much details as possible on each asset to significantly improve the utilzation and safety

Single point of truth for assets

A single repository means data consistency and powerful insights for long-term decision making


Request to retire

Flexible and easy to use forms make the incident recording simple. The help icon, option to attach documents, pictures, and videos and the feature of “tag-to-an incident” ensures filling the form simple and easy.


Asset audit for good governance

Anonymous logging of incidents is enabled to promote “whistle blowing” without any back tracking.


Preventive maintenance and calibrations

Create a maintenance plan and auto schedule it to ensure that the assets are always in a functioning state


Manage entitlements

Manage all the asset entitlements, such as warranty, contract, insurance, lease and rentals


Asset tracking

Track the healthcare assets with a method of your choice – RFID, RTLS and even IoT integration


Smooth integration

Prepare a detailed RCA, CAPA and drive actions through action tracker


Spares and request management

Auto-assignment to stores for spares request. Tag cost of spare to asset by user, location, and department


Vendor management

Manage the entire vendor relationship with details of approvals, contracts, procurement, maintenance and retirement


Real-time asset insights

Get in-depth and real-time asset insights, such as MTTR, MTBF, failure rate, utilization and much more

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