HxCentral for Total Healthcare Experience

Hx for Healthcare Experience. A custom solution built by Doctors and Technologists.

HxCentral, a cloud-based solution, helps hospitals reduce their medical errors and improve the quality compliance and patient experience. 

Patient safety and experience have become key priorities for hospitals to sustain and grow in the digital age. While the hospitals are implementing digital solutions on the front-end, the core is still run manually. HxCentral digitizes the core processes of a hospital, such as incident management, quality management, bio-medical asset management to drive the patient experience and safety. The SaaS solution rapidly enables the hospitals to be compliant with regulations, such as National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), Joint Commission International (JCI) and The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD – JAWDA).

HxCentral is a healthcare division of SapphireIMS and has experience of implementing solutions in 120 hospital units across India and Southeast Asia. We have a unique Quality Management driven approach that will help you to rapidly manage incidents, be compliant to standards, improve asset utilization and deliver predictable service levels. HxCentral suite of solutions helps you to stay relevant and run the core operations in an extremely nimble fashion while reducing costs and investing more in ‘grow-the-patient experience’ initiatives.

Core Features


  • Digitizes the healthcare IT systems
  • Automates quality and incident management
  • Analytics-driven bio-medical asset management
  • Total compliance with standards, such as NABH, JCI, and HAAD-JAWDA
  • Seamless integration within weeks


Hospital units across the world are using HxCentral

2 M+

Patients and staff impacted


Reduction in healthcare incidents


Compliance with leading healthcare standards

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