Patient Feedback Management

Patient feedback -> patient experience. Make your patient feedback count by converting it into an opportunity to rapidly improve the patient experience.

Get full feedback from the patients - anytime, anywhere, in any language

Don’t make it too tedious for the patient to share feedback. HxCentral enables you to conduct custom feedback process based on the department involved. The solution automatically tags the department and sends automatic triggers to act on the feedback.

Many channels for feedback - One place for investigation

HxCentral not only provides its own channel to capture the feedback but also provides an efficient API framework to receive feedbacks from external systems like Websites, Patient Apps and other applications. Enhance your patient experience by maximizing the feedbacks.

Feedback investigation was never so comprehensive and simple

HxCentral enables you to configure and map the flow of every feedback based on department. It can automatically tag the feedback to existing incidents or trigger a new incident. The fully-automated solution can drive SLAs, notifications, approvals to help you monitor the feedback to closure at the earliest.

Get to the root cause and map out corrective and preventive actions

HxCentral provides you with action trackers that help you to prioritize and track a given feedback. You can trace the entire action from its planning to execution with a few clicks. Our solution will assist you to define the RCA team and do the required RCA conveniently.

Real-time insights to help you take real-time actions

HxCentral enables availability of real-time data at your fingertips. The pre-built and configurable templates will assist in generating meaningful and personalized reports. You can custom schedule reports at a frequency and via a channel of your choice.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for  Patient Feedback Management

The most feature-rich patient feedback management product ever.


Multichannel feedback capture

The patients can share feedback from multiple channels – Web, Mobile, Tablet, Email, Kiosk, SMS and API


Configurable feedback questions

Configure questions based on the respective departments in order to get department specific feedback


Seamless integration into HIS and HRMS

Seamless integration to HIS and HRMS ensure that the patient demographics and staff details directly flow from original source


Anonymous incident logging for whistleblowers

Anonymous logging of incidents is enabled to promote “whistle blowing” without any back tracking.


API-based integration with external sites

Get access to APIs to integrate with websites and apps to receive feedback


Automated classification and trigger generation

Feedback classification comprising of a specific department, location and team is posisble along with automated investigation trigger

Robust SLA and escalation features

Drive routine timely investigation and reporting through robust SLA and escalation features


Intelligent and automated workflows

Intelligent and configurable workflow with auto feedback assignment, review and approval capabilities


Detailed RCA and CAPA

Prepare a detailed RCA, CAPA and drive actions through action tracker


Tag incidents competently

Tag incident to patient MRN number to further provide a reference and alerts on duplicate or repeat incidents

Attach supporting documents

Attach supporting documents, such as images, reports, records, prescriptions for holistic information capture


Personalized visual dashboards

Configure and access control the dashboards as per the role. The visually proficient dashboards are available for various time periods. Online, offline and scheduled reports capabilities enable hospitals to access data and analyse as per demands of the business.

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