Meet Our Experts

A unique blend of technology and healthcare experts that bring you continuous innovation and predictable solutions. 

Baiju V Y

Vice President, Product Development

Baiju is in the mission to continuously build digital solutions for Healthcare Experience, keeping patient safety, operational excellence and quality compliance as the key focus areas. He work with the leaders in the Healthcare Industry to transform their core operations through digitization, analytics, and automation. 

Dr. Monica Misra

Customer Success Manager

Dr. Monica aspires to enhance patient experience through effective healthcare technology solutions. Her healthcare expertise ranges from the clinical side to the business domain giving her a good understanding of the healthcare and patient challenges. She has worked with large corporate hospitals to ensure continuity of care. 

Dr. Aanchal

Solution Consultant

Dr. Aanchal brings a unique combination of healthcare domain expertise and the ability to find solutions through technology. Her experience helps customers to effortlessly digitize and automate their operations and rapidly see the ROI. She has a masters degree in hospital and healthcare IT management from a premiere institute.