See how digitization enabled this large hospital to consistently and efficiently drive patient safety

A Case Study: Healthcare Incident and Quality Management

The Client

The client is one of the largest healthcare providers in India with over 2 million global patients annually across 51 locations. With over 30 specialties, 3500 doctors and a staff of over 16000, the hospital strives to provide affordable healthcare to people across the world.

The Challenge

  • Manually managed processes with high people bandwidth requirements
  • Incomplete compliance in recording incidents leading to insufficient corrective and preventive measures
  • High percentage of medical errors
  • Processes were focused and followed only by limited departments
  • No central repository to create analytics and insights

HxCentral Solution

HxCentral digitized the end-to-end incident recording, investigation, RCA and CAPA process with intelligent workflows and dynamic forms enabled with SLA driven system.

  • Enabled to effortlessly record the incidents through web and mobile app
  • Identified 300+ categories that impacts patient, staff, infrastructure and business
  • Enabled anonymous incident logging option to promote whistle blowers
  • Ensured minimal data entry and auto fetching of details through effective HIS and HRMS integration
  • Created the option to make incident confidential to limit the information access for identified categories
  • Enabled parallel department investigations to ensure that multiple departments can work on a single incident
  • Incident summary report will be auto generated as a PDF document reference and communication

The Outcome


Global locations





2 Million

Global patients


Significant and rapid improvement in incident recording compliance


Completely digitized the incident management process


Reduction in delays in incident recording caused by manual process


Significant reduction in medical errors


Brought every relevant department into incident management system efficiently


Created centralized visibility and clear track and trace for every step performed


Increased focus on patient safety through systemic process

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