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HxCentral Partners with IIHMR to Advance Research and Innovation in Healthcare Experience Management

22, November 2018

SapphireIMS Unveils HxCentral, a Healthcare Experience Management Solution for Hospitals

28, September 2018

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HxCentral Partners with IIHMR

22, November 2018 in Bangalore, India

Shafi Ahamed, CEO, SapphireIMS and Dr. Usha Manjunath, Director, IIHMR exchanging the MoU for the industry-academia partnership to advance research and innovation in healthcare experience management.


29th September 2018 at Bangalore, India

Catch the HxCentral team at the 3rd International Healthcare Technology Conference of Consortium of Accreditated Healthcare Organizations (CAHO). You can listen to the insights from Baiju V Y, Vice President, HxCentral on improving the patient safety and healthcare experience. 

3rd Annual Smart Tech Healthcare Summit 2018

20 – 21  September 2018 in Gurugram, India

Catch the HxCentral team talking about how hospitals can digitize and automate their operations to improve patient safety and be compliant with the industry standards.